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Our coverage will include:

* Defence and aerospace policies, procurement, defence finance, and military budgets
* Legislation, parliamentary reports, government auditor reports
* Company news, market developments and trends
* Defence Diplomacy, foreign collaborations,  joint ventures, and politics of arms trade
* Defence R&D, new products, military technologies and programmes
* Interviews with government and industry leaders, commentaries and analyses, and special reports

All of the above would be related to India, but some significant regional and global news too would find space on the portal for its ability to impact the aerospace and defence sector in South Asia in more ways than one.

The content for the portal would be provided by mainstream journalists with a cumulative experience of over three decades among them in reporting on the aerospace and defence sector. The portal would also invite thought leaders, from among Ministry of Defence officials, serving and retired military personnel, chief executives of companies, analysts, and consultants to share their experiences in the sector.

Defence Next will also act as a window for these stake-holders to contribute through their recommendations for improving existing Defence Procurement Procedures and Production Policy, apart from bettering existing acquisition processes and access to information from the armed forces headquarters and the Ministry of Defence.

For the enthusiasts, the portal would bring interesting news breaks, some well-informed politics of the arms trade, some business undercurrents, apart from developments in technology in the two sectors. The enthusiasts would also get to know how the government and the industry are combining their strengths to make India a defence industrial base for both the domestic and the global military manufacturers. There would be some interesting politics and corridor gossip behind the arms trade in India too that would be presented.

Defence Next invites all relevant stake-holders and enthusiasts to enjoy the content, put the news and data provided to good use, share their valuable inputs, and make best use of the portal to further the cause of a robust, growth-oriented aerospace and defence sector in India.

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