India plans 7 next-generation corvettes in local shipyards

New Delhi: In its quest to build a blue water navy, India plans to build seven next-generation anti-submarine corvettes at Indian shipyards and has issued a Request for Information (RFI) today to support the programme.

These warships are to be delivered to the Indian Navy by 2023 and would act as deterrents to the Chinese submarines that venture close to the Indian coast too frequently, much to India’s chagrin.

These corvettes would be the next set of anti-submarine warfare assets that India will build soon after the current four-ship Kamorta-class warships currently being build by the Kolkata-based Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE). These ship-building efforts are to build a 212-ship navy by 2027 from its current strength of nearly 140 warships in the fleet.

The RFI document, which seeks a response from shipyards by November 18, noted that the next-generation corvettes should be capable of offensive surface-surface missile (SSM) attack; anti-submarine warfare operations; local naval defence; maritime interdiction operations; and visit, board, search and seizure operations. The ships should have low radar, acoustic, magnetic, visual and infra red signatures; and adequate Network Centric Operations and communication capabilities.

The Indian Navy is looking at single hull construction based on proven hull form or supported by adequate model testing for resistance, propulsion, manoeuvring and sea-keeping. The ship should have a range of not less than 4,000 nautical miles at sustained economical speed; should touch maximum speed of not less than 27 kn and maximum sustained speed of not less than 25 kn.

“The ship should also have the ability to operate economically at low speeds for sustained duration. Restriction in engine hours should not be an overbearing consideration, to enable flexibility in tasking,” the RFI document said.

For rest of the details of the next-generation corvettes, click on this image below to go the Ministry of Defence document:


Author: indostrat

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