India Army’s Strike Corps river crossing manoeuvres on Yamuna banks

  • The offensive corps’ war-fighter preparedness tested during exercise

  • T-90 tanks, BMP-2 infantry combat vehicles pushed to limits

New Delhi: Indian Army‘s mechanised troopers today demonstrated their skills in river crossing of battle tanks and infantry combat vehicles in an exercise carried out on the River Yamuna‘s banks.

Strike Corps 1 troopers from the Mathura-based offensive formation, showcased how seamlessly their heavy mechanised vehicles overcame obstacles in the form of rivers with flowing water. Witnessed by Corps’ General Officer Commanding Lieutenant General Shokin Chauhan, the demonstration was held along the stretch of the river flowing beside the Mathura cantonment, a statement from the Indian Army said.

Codenamed ‘Megh Prahar‘, the exercise was carried out by the Corps’ spearhead formation, an Armoured Division. They diplayed the variety of equipment, innovation of commanders, jointmanship, professional outlook, and war-waging potential of the DOT Division.

The exercise is being used to test the effectiveness of the ultramodern Russian-origin T-90 main battle tanks (manufactured at the Indian Ordnance Factories in Tamil Nadu) and the BMP-2 infantry combat vehicles in the inventory of the Indian Army in fighting across opposed river obstacle.

Incorporation of the third dimension in bridging the gap of an obstacle and helping in capture of depth obstacle by a mechanized formation and the Strike Corps’ war-preparation were the highlights.

BMP-2 river crossing manouvre on Yamuna near Mathura under Exercise Megh Prahar

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