Mahindra bags Airbus Helicopters order for Panther chopper parts

  • This contract will embed Mahindra Aerospace into Airbus Helicopters’ global supply chain

  • Airbus Helicopters commits to turn India a global hub for Panther helicopter production

Farnborough (U.K.): Airbus Helicopters awarded the contract to Mahindra Aerostructures to make airframe parts for the AS565 MBe Panther, a joint press statement from the companies said today, even as the European company said it would create a global.

* The parts will be produced at the Mahindra facility in Bengaluru and shipped directly to the Airbus Helicopters production line in Marignane, France, where they will be integrated with the rest of the airframe assembly, and will form a critical part of the Panthers sold worldwide.

* The contract positions Mahindra Aerostructures as the first Indian company to receive a direct manufacturing contract from Airbus Helicopters as a Tier 1 supplier.

* Mahindra Aerostructures will gradually emerge as the global single source supplier to Airbus Helicopters for these parts.

* The work package is the first amongst a series of work packages which would embed Mahindra Group in the Airbus Helicopters’ global supply chain and bind the two companies in a long-term ‘Make in India’ partnership.

* Airbus Helicopters is playig an active role in the development of a helicopter-focused Indian industrial eco-system, and are embedding Indian suppliers into our global supply chain, says Airbus Helicopters’ Director for Make in India Fabrice Cagnat.

* The contract will allow Airbus Helicopters to qualify Mahindra Aerostructures as a Tier-1 supplier, establish a manufacturing relationship on the Panther: Cagnat.

* It will also lay the ground work for a rapid acceleration in terms of industrializing production in India, in case Airbus Helicopters is selected for the Naval Utility Helicopter programme, he says.

NOTE: The AS565 MBe Panther is competing for the Naval Utility Helicopter programme in India.

* In case the Indian government selects the Panther, Airbus Helicopters will establish India as a global hub for Panther production in partnership with Mahindra Defence: Statement

* The manufacturing relationship will allow Mahindra Aerostructures to demonstrate its quality and competitiveness to Airbus Helicopters, says Mahindra Aerospace Executive Director and CEO Arvind Mehra.

* Mahindra Aerostructure is already committed to become a trusted partner and supplier to the Airbus Group for airframe parts and assemblies: Mehra.

* The Panther contract with Airbus Helicopters signals further commitment to work with them to develop a robust Indian ecosystem for both design and build capabilities in aerospace, says Mehra.

NOTE: Airbus Helicopters and Mahindra Defence had announced earlier that they are in the process of forming a joint venture to target India’s military helicopter programmes such as the Naval Utility Helicopter, the Naval Multi-Role Helicopter, and the Reconnaissance and Surveillance Helicopter.

NOTE: Panther is an all-weather, multi-role light rotorcraft, designed for operation from ship decks, offshore locations and land-based sites. It is made for a multitude of naval warfare and coast guard missions such as maritime surveillance, search and rescue, casualty evacuation, EEZ Surveillance and control counter-terrorism and anti-surface/anti-submarine warfare.

NOTE: Some 250 Panther are operated in more than 20 countries by military customers, including 100 in service with the US Coast Guard. Recently, Panther has won contracts in Indonesia and Mexico. With 4-axis digital auto-pilot, high temperature performance, AS565 MBe Panther has the capability to carry 2 x torpedoes/depth charges and long range radar.

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