First air force test of BrahMos missile hits bull’s eye

NEW DELHI: In a first, Indian Air Force today successfully test-fired the Indo-Russian BrahMos supersonic cruise missile’s land-attack version in the western sector.
The test met its mission parameters in a copybook manner, BrahMos Aerospace said in an emailed statement. Meeting all flight parameters, the weapon system successfully hit and annihilated the designated target, officials confirmed. “The unique BrahMos weapon system on numerous occasions has established its supremacy in the world of supersonic cruise missiles,” the statement said.
“I congratulate the Indian Air Force for successfully accomplishing such a complex mission. BrahMos has proved its mettle once again as the best supersonic cruise missile system in the world,” BrahMos Aerospace Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Sudhir Mishra said.
Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Director General Dr. S. Christopher also congratulated the Indian Air Force, BrahMos team and DRDO scientists on the success of this test.

BrahMos Launch – File Photo
The accuracy in mountain warfare mode was recently re-established in a campaign conducted by the Indian Army in the eastern sector in May 2015 and was repeated in April 2016 too.
“The formidable missile system has empowered all three wings of the armed forces with impeccable anti-ship and land attack capability,” the statement said.
The missile is developed and produced in India under a joint venture with Russia. The business model has yielded results in shortest possible time and has been well recognised by the Indian armed forces, as well as armed forces of many countries who are interested in acquiring the BrahMos weapon complex.

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